Virtual Vaults - Tender

The all-in-one platform for the Tender lifecycle.

Prepare all the documents. Always be tender ready. Manage all the bidders. Answer all the questions. You remain in control of your tender and streamline your process from beginning to end all within one platform.

“Virtual Vaults is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to speed and ease of use."
Van Oers - speed and ease
Jerry van Leent - Van Oers,
Case Van Oers
“The Q&A tool made it possible to answer users' questions in a traceable manner, so that no questions remained unanswered for an unnecessarily long time.”
Mazars Nederland - Q&A
Jan Paul van Woensel,
Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer
“Virtual Vaults makes sharing confidential documents, such as portfolio documentation and capital calls, easier and more secure.”
HPE Growth - easy/secure
Titus Schurink,
“Virtual Vaults is exactly what you expect from a modern digital data room. It is very intuitive, which made it easy for us to navigate the Vault.”
Zorgdomein - intuitive
Paul Berger,
"I can now manage our entire deal lifecycle efficiently within Virtual Vaults. I use Workspaces to manage multiple portfolios and collect all data and redact files. Our workload is divided and I can easily keep track of our progress. With one click, I can export everything into the Virtual Vaults data room and get started with our due diligence process. Once the deal is final, I can then archive the deal securely. All in the Virtual Vaults platform."
Active Capital Company - All in one platform
Henkbert Kruizenga,
Case Active Capital Company

Safely structure and organise your tender

Being better organised in an all-in-one platform allows you to anticipate and react more quickly

VV Tender Simply Open

Prepare for Tender

Always be perfectly organised.

When the bidders are ready, so are you. Use Workspaces to manage and prepare your tender to always be ready when the time is right without limitations or restrictions.  

Assemble what documents you will need ahead of time and collaborate with your team in a secure chat to prioritise and divide the workload. Work together on redaction to guarantee no sensitive information is shared with bidders.

VV Tender Invite

Make your Tender

Invite bidders and collect their offers.

Simply and quickly open your request for tender from within Workspaces. Within a matter of clicks, your data room is open and you can invite the bidders.  

Easily and efficiently manage the flow of documents between bidders and communicate centrally within a built-in secure Q&A chat. Share requested technical and financial documentation with bidders, suppliers, partners and experts.

VV Tender Select Winner

Secure your Tender

Select a winner and take the next step.

The best bidder selected? Time to celebrate and request your final evidence of the transaction. An in-depth look into your completed deal. Remember every question, every document, every detail all on one secure USB. 

Both the sell and buy-side can receive a secure encrypted USB drive with all the details of the deal, including a Comfort Letter. Delivered to your door within 24 hours. Need it earlier? Then select to download an additional password protected cloud archive available as soon as your data room is closed.

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Prepare, Make,


Your deal all in one place.

Always in the know. Effortlessly keep track of your data collection progress. 

Click, click, and off you go.  Smoothly get started with your data room and include your corporate design. 

Do much in seconds. Easily upload, download, reorder or rename your documents.   

Chat, discuss, answer.  User-friendly Q&A ensures more control, better insights and clear communication.  

Never miss a trick. Be 24/7 on the ball in your data room.   

24/7 personal support. Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. 

Deal done and dusted. Your deal, right down to the last detail, backed up on USB and in the Cloud.

Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vaults's all-in-one platform confident in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.