Virtual Vaults Office 365 Viewer

Office 365 viewer for Excel

The perfect marriage between control and convenience. Buyers can view and edit Excel files natively online, while all valuable data remains safely protected. 

Virtual Vaults Online spreadsheet
Virtual Vaults Online Spreadsheets

Online spreadsheets without limitations

Data to work with

In close collaboration with Microsoft, we've integrated their Office 365 solution into our platform. All parties will experience improved deal efficiency. You remain in control while allowing the buyside to still access relevant data.  

A perfectly integrated Excel experience in your data room. Say goodbye to downloads and complex time-consuming solutions. 

Virtual Vaults Copy Of Your Excel Files
Virtual Vaults Q&A Excel Import

Edit Excel in a virtual personal copy

Create personal scenarios

Let the finance experts work their magic in a virtual personal copy of your Excel files. Calculations can be easily made online without changing the original file. 

Keep maximum control of your valuable data by letting buyers easily view and privately edit Excel files online in your data room. 


Sellers keep maximum control of their data rooms valuable data.


Buyers accelerate their due diligence process with Workspaces.

EU Privacy Standards

We comply with the highest European privacy and security standards.

24/7 personal support

Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. And we make it personal: a dedicated customer success team will help you all the way to make your deal a success.

Personalised Onboarding

The very best start.

24/7 Support

Help and support from experts. Day or night.


Help Centre. Teach yourself.


The way we think about and act on security is one thing, the way you experience it, is another. We want you to feel it, to know it and to trust it. Your precious data is safe in your Workspace and data room. So, we take the worst security issues about your archive as a starting point to develop and constantly update our safety protocols.