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The right information at the right time to the right people. That sounds so easy. And it is. At least, if you work with Virtual Vaults. All your data is maximally secured and easily assigned according to one simple rule: No permission? No go.

Virtual Vaults Share Your Doc Controlled

Controlled sharing

Keep it confidential.

Take advantage of robust security and compliance efforts only found in data rooms. Relying on other file-sharing platforms can leave you vulnerable.

Share files with users outside your company network without worrying about safety. Set advanced permissions easily so you control which users can view or download documents.

Virtual Vaults Share Your Doc Watermark


Leave your mark.

Increase the level of accountability for all documents. Every file in the data room comes with a watermark that includes the user's email address, a time and date stamp.

Sharing sensitive data outside your organisation is now done with complete control and document security, closing your deal is quicker and safer than before.

Virtual Vaults Share Your Doc Other Doc

Other documents

Easy add on

With multiple buyers in your data room, upload extra documents without alerting other buyers in the process. Or choose to include transactional documents that do not have a place in your index.

Your documents your way. No gaps. No questions. Upload additional documents that do not belong in your index. 


You will be informed of events in the data room through smart notifications.

Clean & non-clean team

Share sensitive information with only a preferred selection of a buyer group.

Other documents

Upload documents without creating an index number in your data room.

24/7 personal support

Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. And we make it personal: a dedicated customer success team will help you all the way to make your deal a success.

Personalised Onboarding

The very best start.

24/7 Support

Help and support from experts. Day or night.


Help Centre. Teach yourself.

Sec ISO27001
Sec Microsoft
Sec Chubb
Sec Azure

The way we think about and act on security is one thing, the way you experience it, is another. We want you to feel it, to know it and to trust it. Your precious data is safe in your Workspace and data room. So, we take the worst security issues about your archive as a starting point to develop and constantly update our safety protocols.