Active Capital Company
Henkbert Kruizenga, CFO

“We want to be hands-on at Active Captial, and we now are with this structure and workflow. We put everything in Virtual Vaults that we will need for the transaction later. This helps us work safely worldwide and is straightforward to use; I can do the onboarding with our customers myself.” In addition, the dashboard provides Kruizenga and his colleagues with guidance at all times: “We have a better overview with more insight: what happens when someone logs in, how often does someone login, what do they look at, what topic are they asking questions about? At many of our companies, it works really well, and the people are very enthusiastic. They like to work with our fixed structure. And as CFO, I feel I have more control.”


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Van Oers Corporate Finance
Jerry van Leent, M&A Manager

After a demo of Virtual Vaults in 2016, Van Leent and his team were sold: “The 'freshness' of Virtual Vaults was an eye-opener. Since starting to use Virtual Vaults, we haven't had any more start-up problems. It works quickly, efficiently and it is very user-friendly. And the support works brilliantly as an addition to our services. They are very approachable. During the time I have worked with Virtual Vaults, I have been in contact with the same people, who are aware of exactly what we need. They use Dutch terms in the software and are able to explain everything to all parties in human language. We are well attuned to each other.”


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BDO x Virtual Vaults (1)


Alexi Vangerven, Partner Corporate Finance

"An accelerator of our process"
BDO and their clients praise Virtual Vaults’ flexibility and simplicity. Learn why

BrightOrange x Virtual Vaults


Kim Berger, Consultant

“Safe, secure and simple, just like us”
Finance consultancy, BrightOrange has made complex processes easier and more secure. Discover how.

BNP Paribas x Virtual Vaults (1)

BNP Paribas Real Estate

Joost Merkx, Head of Logistics & Industrial

"We were immediately sold"
BNP Paribas Real Estate is pleased with Virtual Vaults' user-friendliness. Learn how

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Allen And Overy
Bank Of America Merrill Lynch
CBRE (1)
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