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Customer stories

Active Capital Company

Henkbert Kruizenga, CFO: “Workspaces works for us as a kind of to-do list to which we can add tasks; I find that very useful.” Discover why.

Case Active Capital Company

“With this structure, we are in control from
the holding period to sale.”

Henkbert Kruizenga, CFO at Active Capital Company

Private Equity

Joost Merkx, BNP Paribas Real Estate

"We were immediately sold"

BNP Paribas Real Estate is pleased with Virtual Vaults' user-friendliness. Learn how

Alexi Vangerven, BDO Belgium

"An accelerator of our process"

BDO and their clients praise Virtual Vaults’ flexibility and simplicity. Learn why

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Van Oers Corporate Finance

M&A Manager Jerry van Leent: “We always apply the two-supplier principle, but in practice we mainly work with Virtual Vaults.” Discover why.

Van Oers logo

“We were surprised by how else it can be

Jerry van Leent, Consultant at Van Oers Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Nick van Hussen, i4hi

"Virtual Vaults is easy and clear."

I4hi experienced a faster and easier due diligence process. Learn how

Tim van der Meer, Marktlink

"Very patient and proactive advice."

Marktlink fastened the onboarding process for new colleagues. Learn how

Jochem Theunissen, Conclusion

"Highest security requirements."

Conclusion has made complex processes easier and more secure. Learn how


Corporate finance consultancy BrightOrange used to work with another virtual data room, but switched to Virtual Vaults in 2018. Discover why.

BrightOrange logo

“Safe, secure and simple, just like us”

Kim Berger, Consultant bij BrightOrange

Corporate Finance


“Virtual Vaults is exactly what you expect from a modern digital data room. It is very intuitive, which made it easy for us to navigate the Vault.”

Paul Berger, CFO at Zorgdomein

“The application is very user-friendly: clear and simple. The help desk is quick and competent, even if you call in the middle of the night.”

Jan Paul van Woensel, Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer at Mazars Nederland

“Virtual Vaults is clear and ‘built’ for real estate, so we don't lose time on unnecessary functionalities.”

Tom Lemij, Consultant Real Estate at CBRE

“Virtual Vaults makes sharing confidential documents, such as portfolio documentation and capital calls, easier and more secure”

Titus Schurink, CFO at HPE Growth

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