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If the art of contemporary dealmaking means mastering every step along the way, from kick-off preparation to archive, we gladly invite you to the easiest way of doing that. Super functional. And hyper economic. 

If the art of contemporary dealmaking means mastering every step along the way, from kick-off preparation to archive, we gladly invite you to the easiest way of doing that. Super functional. And hyper economic. 

If the art of contemporary dealmaking means mastering every step along the way, from kick-off preparation to archive, we gladly invite you to the easiest way of doing that. Super functional. And hyper economic. 

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Virtual Vaults Organise Your Deal Virtual Vaults Collaborate On The Deal
Virtual Vaults Workspaces
  • Organize your deal
  • Collaborate on the deal
  • Redact sensitive data
  • Export to the Data Room
Being organized keeps you focused.

We all know very well that being organized keeps you in control, makes you more productive and saves you money.

For all of that, and many more good reasons, we offer you Workspaces, the easiest way to organize all relevant input to pave the way to a successful deal.

Data Room Take control
Virtual Vaults Notifications
Virtual Vaults Dataroom
Data Room
  • Roles & permissions
  • Q&A chat
  • Mass upload
  • Buyer engagement
Data Room
Run due diligence, share data, explore insights and manage Q&A.

First and foremost, the way your deal is designed is crucial for its outcome. Simply because controlling information provides strategic advantages; it makes all the difference.

Since there is no excuse for not getting or giving information, your standards of managing information need to be extremely high. At the same time, sharing and exploring information needs to be far-reaching, safe, and simple. The Vault is everything you wish for in a data room, with just a few sublime extra’s.

Data Room
Data Room Keep for later
Virtual Vaults Cloud Archives Virtual Vaults Archive On USB
Virtual Vaults Archive
Storing valuable data is vitally important.

Your backup is the holy grail of every deal; it is your witness to the past. Your archive contains all the evidence, facts and figures, and explanation for decisions that are made.

We took the liberty to make securing and archiving extremely easy for you. Without any effort you have a full audit trail, a comfort letter, a folder, or the entire data room at your disposal on USB and the cloud.

BDO Belgium - Alexi Vangerven
"Virtual Vaults helps our customers in their own language. In the evening, during the day and at the weekend."
Alexi Vangerven - Partner Corporate Finance
Case BDO
i4hi - Nick van Hussen
"Everyone is able to work with Virtual Vaults, it is that easy."
Nick van Hussen - Investor and entrepreneur
BrightOrange - Peter Paul Buijsrogge
"Due diligence goes a lot faster with Virtual Vaults."
Peter Paul Buijsrogge - Consultant
Case BrightOrange
Marktlink - patient and proactive
"Virtual Vaults is very patient and proactive in their advice."
Tim van der Meer - Marktlink - Managing Director
Mazars Nederland - Q&A
"The Q&A tool made it possible to answer users' questions in a traceable manner, so that no questions remained unanswered for an unnecessarily long time."
Jan Paul van Woensel - Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer
BNP Paribas Real Estate - easy to use
"Most of the time, data rooms are complicated, but Virtual Vaults manages to make it clear for everyone."
Floris Keunen - Consultant Capital Markets
Case BNP Paribas Real Estate
BDO Belgium - recommend VV
"You should try using Virtual Vaults, and I can promise you, you will never be disappointed."
Alexi Vangerven - Partner Corporate Finance
Case BDO
Conclusion - Q&A
"Virtual Vaults has managed to translate the Q&A tool into a very easy and user-friendly application."
Jochem Theunissen - CFO
ABAB - simplicity/CS proactive
"The system is very user-friendly. Because of its simplicity, anyone can get started right away. And do you have any questions? Then the support department is always ready to answer any questions. They proactively think along with you."
Gert-Jan van den Berg - Senior Corporate Finance Advisor
Easy setup.
Click, click, and off you go.

Smoothly get started with your data room and include your corporate design.

Mass actions.
Do more in seconds.

Easily upload, download, reorder or rename your documents.

Chat, discuss, answer.

User-friendly Q&A ensures you more control, better insights and clear communication.

Status overview.
Always in the know.

Effortlessly keep track of your data collection progress.

Insights & reports.
Never miss a trick.

Be 24/7 on the ball in your data room.

Secure archive.
Deal done and dusted.

Your deal, right down to the last detail, backed up on USB and in the Cloud.

24/7 personal support

Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. And we make it personal: a dedicated Customer Success team will help you along the way to make your deal a success.

The start and finish of a successful working day. Brought to you by Virtual Vaults

We make sure that you feel secure. And that your data is secure.

The way we think about and act on security is one thing, the way you experience it, is another; we want you to feel it, to know it and to trust it. So, we take the worst security issues as a starting point to develop and constantly update our safety protocols. With the minimum requirements being:

Follow the GDPR rules, we understand everyone has the right to protect their data which is why we always remain GDPR compliant.

Prevent an account takeover, the no. 1 security problem, with multi-factor authentication as our standard.

Meet all requirements for information security: Virtual Vaults is ISO 27001:2013 compliant.

Good to know: if all else fails, you can count on our Chubb Cyber Risk insurance.

Sec ISO27001
Sec Microsoft
Sec Chubb
Sec Azure

Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vaults' all-in-one platform confidentially in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.

Your questions. Answered.

Who is Virtual Vaults?

We're dealmakers, just like you. Where you take care of the actual deal, we take care of all facilities in one platform to realise that deal in the most easy, secure and efficient way. Our ambition is to make you stand out from start to finish. Every day, every deal.

Why is Virtual Vaults right for me?

From the moment you start up your computer, we are there to facilitate you in every which way we can. So, by the time you call it a day, you know you have delivered; from deal preparation to dealmaking, you were in control.

When can I speak to someone at Virtual Vaults?

We don’t have a generic superficial ‘sales pitch’; we listen to your needs and together decide if continuing the conversation makes sense. If we are the right fit, we are just a phone call away. Available day or night, any questions big or small. Our 24/7 Customer Success team is always available for you in your own language.

What is Workspaces?

Workspaces is the ultimate deal preparation platform for advisors. Streamline your due diligence process by effortlessly collecting and organising all necessary documents. Our convenient questionnaire templates, built-in redaction tool, and status updates will help you work efficiently while ensuring data privacy.

And when you're ready to kickstart the due diligence process, simply open a secure Data Room with all the information from your Workspace. Experience the power of simplicity with Workspaces.