Jump start your next deal with Workspaces

Advisors, get early access to a smarter, faster, and cost-saving way for deal preparation. Stay tuned for September 2022.

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Preparation, part of your deal

Virtual Vaults deal vision

Built for advisors

OrganiseOrganise your deal

Manage your team, import your questionnaire to design the deal.

Workspaces organising

Collaborate Collaborate on the deal

Assign tasks, chat on topics and keep on track with the process. All in one place.

Workspaces collaborating

Redact Redact sensitive data

Speed up your redaction process. All search results will be automatically selected for redaction.

Workspaces redaction

Export Export to the Vault

Export your data from Workspaces to our secure Vault and start your Due Diligence process.

Workspaces exporting

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Work faster

All your work in one place

Virtual Vaults workspaces speeds up

2x Faster with importing your questionnaire

3x Faster with integrated redaction

4x Faster with all communication in one tool

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Frequently asked questions

  • At Virtual Vaults we want to help you, the advisor, be as prepared as possible when it comes down to deal management. We understand that when a deal is on the table you need to be ready. This is why we have created Workspaces to help you improve deal preparation while running multiple deals.

  • Workspaces is launching in September 2022. Watch this space.

  • Advisors can start using Workspaces for free by signing up for our Workspaces free plan. For more information about getting early access and all pricing plans of Virtual Vaults, click here.