Real people, with dreams, ambitions and both feet on the ground

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Join a group of people that are just like you; hard working people who dare to dream, who dare to work on ideas that result in innovative solutions, who link experience to new insights. People who are a pleasure to work with because they have your needs and wishes always top of mind.

Our products, to make your next deal easier.

Our products, to make your next deal easier.

Our products, to make your next deal easier.

Are you ready for the next step?

Reach out to our sales team and find out all there is to know about workspaces, our data room or our smart flat rate pricing model. And why not schedule a demo?

Dolf Helmann

Dolf Profiel

Dolf is a tech enthusiast and developed a great sense of VDRs early. He uses his knowledge and experience to support your deals. As quickly and easily as possible. 

Max Haberbosch

Pod DE Max 2

With his experience in the Real Estate sector, Max knows what is important when it comes to closing deals: Well-organised and structured preparation.

Mitch Goudswaard

Pod DE Mitch 1

Mitch has years of experience with VDRs and knows how important efficiency is in your everyday work. He always wants to help you and all our clients in the best way possible.

Do you want to know more about Virtual Vaults and how we can make the life-cycle of you next deal easier?

Your questions. Answered.

Who is Virtual Vaults?

We're dealmakers, just like you. Where you take care of the actual deal, we take care of all facilities in one platform to realise that deal in the most easy, secure and efficient way. Our ambition is to make you stand out from start to finish. Every day, every deal.

Why is Virtual Vaults right for me?

From the moment you start up your computer, we are there to facilitate you in every which way we can. So, by the time you call it a day, you know you have delivered; from deal preparation to dealmaking, you were in control.

When can I speak to someone at Virtual Vaults?

We don’t have a generic superficial ‘sales pitch’; we listen to your needs and together decide if continuing the conversation makes sense. If we are the right fit, we are just a phone call away. Available day or night, any questions big or small. Our 24/7 Customer Success team is always available for you in your own language.

Is Virtual Vaults safe?


Our users and customers use Virtual Vaults to exchange highly sensitive information; from price-sensitive information and personal data to criminal convictions. We, therefore, use the same high safety standards that financial institutions, healthcare institutions and governments have.