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All-in-one deal platform for Buy & Build

Accelerate your deals with an innovative, precisely targeted and perfectly detailed acquisition process that is based on best practice.

"We handle a lot of sensitive information, and it has always been a concern for me that we spend most of our time in discussions via email, sharing files back and forth. Now working in Workspaces, a secure environment where no emailing or downloading to a local device is required, I feel way more confident in our security. We even chat in Workspaces, alongside folders or individual documents, meaning nothing goes via an insecure email platform anymore."
Marktlink - Workspaces
Tim van der Meer,
Managing Director
“Due diligence goes a lot faster with Virtual Vaults.”
BrightOrange - Peter Paul Buijsrogge
Peter Paul Buijsrogge,
Case BrightOrange
“Virtual Vaults is head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to speed and ease of use."
Van Oers - speed and ease
Jerry van Leent - Van Oers,
Case Van Oers
“The application is very user-friendly: clear and simple. The help desk is quick and competent, even if you call in the middle of the night.”
Mazars Nederland - user-friendly/help desk
Jan Paul van Woensel,
Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer
“The data room makes the process faster and more reliable than sending by e-mails.”
HPE Growth - fast/reliable
Titus Schurink,

A solid as a rock all-in-one platform

Eliminate risks, be more alert to changing circumstances and do not miss a single detail.

VV Buy And Build Save Cost

Prepare for Buy & Build acquisition

Your deal, organised your way.

Start your deal knowing it will take less time than the previous deal. Follow your blueprint for a seamless due diligence process. Share and upload your readied questionnaire or information request list in advance to guarantee you save time later.

Get ahead and share your request in advance and ask your target to prepare for your deal in Workspaces. Always remain in control and enter the data room prepared for the most efficient due diligence.

VV Buy And Build Always Ready

Make your Buy & Build deal

Due diligence in the fast lane.

Be invited to a prepared data room with a pre-defined Information Request List, just how you like it. Your due diligence done in your way. Easily communicate with the seller through the secure Q&A and chat privately on the buy-side about any risk immediately and confirm which questions need to be asked before disclosing questions.

Collaborate quickly for increased team productivity in Virtual Vaults' data room. Receive alerts when new documents become available for a faster, smarter and streamlined due diligence process.

VV Buy And Build Custumer Success

Secure your Buy & Build acquisition

Archive your deal. Start again.

Buy & Build deal secure? Request your final evidence of the transaction. An in-depth look into your completed agreement. Remember every question, every document, every detail all on one secure USB.   

Both the sell and buy-side receive a secure encrypted USB drive with all the details of the deal, including a Comfort Letter. We deliver to your door within 24 hours. Need it earlier? Then select to download an additional password protected cloud archive available as soon as your data room is closed.

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Prepare, Make,


Your deal all in one place.

Always in the know. Effortlessly keep track of your data collection progress. 

Click, click, and off you go.  Smoothly get started with your data room and include your corporate design. 

Do much in seconds. Easily upload, download, reorder or rename your documents.   

Chat, discuss, answer.  User-friendly Q&A ensures more control, better insights and clear communication.  

Never miss a trick. Be 24/7 on the ball in your data room.   

24/7 personal support. Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. 

Deal done and dusted. Your deal, right down to the last detail, backed up on USB and in the Cloud.

Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vaults's all-in-one platform confident in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.