EU Privacy Standards


ISO / IEC 27001:2013


Multi-factor Authentication

Take control. Stay in control.

You set the limits.

VV Security Access Control

Grant access level to our success agents

Controlled sharing.

Strict security protocol? With Virtual Vaults you determine exactly what our support agents can and cannot see.

VV Security Notification Details

Notifications details

Your choice.

Keep up to date securely. Choose whether you want to include document details in notification emails.

Our security.
Always standard.

24/7 monitoring.
From sunrise to sunset.

We monitor the platform day and night and always support you.

Stored not once. But twice.
Peace of mind.

We provide redundancy for excellent availability.

Good guy hackers.
Minimise your risks.

We hire the best hackers to test the safety of our platform.

High availability.
Always on, always safe.

We update our platform without downtime.

We guard your data like bankers. And follow the rules like lawyers. Every one of us.

Security is our no. 1 priority.
We prove that more than once.

Virtual Vaults Sec Chubb

Chubb - 24/7 crisis support and recovery in the event of cyber incidents.

Virtual Vaults Sec Digicert

Digicert reliable SSL certificates with good support.

Virtual Vaults Sec Microsoft

Microsoft partner at the highest level in Microsoft's partnership program.

Virtual Vaults Sec Azure

Microsoft Azure Platform work safely in the cloud.

Virtual Vaults Sec ISO27001

Kiwa the globally recognized standard for information security.

Virtual Vaults Sec Securify

Securify hackers give us insight into vulnerabilities, always and everywhere.

Virtual Vaults Sec AES

AES 256 the globally recognized standard for information security.

Your security questions. Answered.

Is Virtual Vaults safe?


Our users and customers use Virtual Vaults to exchange highly sensitive information; from price-sensitive information and personal data to criminal convictions. We, therefore, use the same high safety standards that financial institutions, healthcare institutions and governments have.

Can I view your certificates?

Certainly! Send an email to our Security Officer via and ask for our certificates.

What exactly does the Cyber Security Insurance entail?

We do everything in our power to avoid any safety risks. If there is an incident, it is a reassuring idea that we are insured with the Chubb Cyber Enterprise Risk Management Insurance. We are globally covered for incidents such as unexpected loss of platform availability, data breaches, data corruption and ransomware.

What do you do in the event of an incident?

Our security team is part of Crawford Global Technical Services and specialises in isolating and stabilising incidents quickly. They follow and monitor incidents globally, according to the laws and regulations that apply in each location.

What availability does your platform promise?

We maintain the same 99.97% availability as Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform through which we offer Virtual Vaults. Our platform is known for its very high reliability, and historically, we exceed this availability every year.

I have found a potential vulnerability, what can I do?

We take security very seriously and are happy to receive notification of every possible gap in our platform. Read here how.