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What is Workspaces?

Workspaces is the ultimate deal preparation platform for advisors. Streamline your due diligence process by effortlessly collecting and organising all necessary documents. Our convenient questionnaire templates, built-in redaction tool, and status updates will help you work efficiently while ensuring data privacy.

And when you're ready to kickstart the due diligence process, simply open a secure Data Room with all the information from your Workspace. Experience the power of simplicity with Workspaces.

Do I need to sign up for Workspaces every time I have a new project coming up?

No, you only sign up once. Our Workspaces plans are designed for dealmakers who are looking to manage and prepare multiple deals simultaneously and efficiently using Workspaces. Therefore, each plan contains multiple Workspaces for you and your team to work with.

New project coming up? You can simply create a new Workspace yourself on our platform. 

Can I upgrade my plan if I need more Workspaces or features?

Yes. In case you have a Workspaces Free subscription, you can upgrade to Workspaces Plus and instantly get access to more Workspaces and the Plus-features. Already using Workspaces Plus? You can simply add more Workspaces to your subscription.

Do I need Workspaces in order to use your Data Room?

No, Workspaces can be used as a complementary tool to the Data Room, but it’s not mandatory to have an excellent data room experience.

Have you already collected and organised all the relevant deal documentation? Then check out our Data Room plans to get started with due diligence right away.

What is the difference between Workspaces Free and Plus?

The Workspaces Free plan is currently available exclusively to deal advisors in order to optimise their deal preparation workflow.

However, the Workspaces Plus plan is available to anyone looking to securely and efficiently prepare deals or manage a portfolio.

Is Workspaces safe?

Yes. Workspaces benefits from all the high security measures of our Data Room platform.

Learn more about our security here.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer flexible payment options. We accept all major credit cards. You can also choose to pay via direct debit or we can issue an invoice that you can pay via bank transfer. For Dutch customers, there is the option to pay via iDeal.