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Legal Due Diligence

Your whole legal M&A lifecycle in one secure platform. Eliminate security risks, prepare and collaborate faster and smarter to never miss out on the deal. Increase your legal team's productivity by streamlining your due diligence.

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Private Equity

Fundraise, acquire, hold, grow, exit and repeat. Manage and keep on track of the entire Private Equity lifecycle all-in-one platform. Prepare faster, collaborate smarter and organise better. Streamline both your sell and buy-side due diligence.

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Real Estate

Buyers, sellers and investors benefit from the Virtual Vaults all-in-one platform. Take and keep control of the whole real estate lifecycle with fast preparation, smooth collaboration and centralised communication. 

M&A transactions completed in the Virtual Vaults platform


Prepare, Make & Secure your M&A deal

Competition is good, it keeps you on your toes. But you do like to keep the competition behind. Sublime management of the M&A lifecycle – from A to Z – will help. So that’s what you want. Buy or sell with Virtual Vaults to manage and keep on track of the whole M&A lifecycle in one platform. With Virtual Vaults, you prepare and collaborate faster and smarter to never miss out on the deal. Streamline your due diligence and make those deals.

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Secure File Sharing at Virtual Vaults

Secure file sharing

Accelerate your due diligence through hyper-efficient and highly secured file sharing in an all-in-one platform. Swiftly redact sensitive information and collaborate and chat on the same file to guarantee no confidential information has been missed.

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Buy & Build

Like no other you know what it takes to successfully master an acquisition process. Accelerate your deals with an innovative, precisely targeted and perfectly detailed acquisition process that is based on best practice.

Tender - Virtual Vaults (1)


Prepare all the documents. Always be tender ready. Manage all the bidders. Answer all the questions. You remain in control of your tender and streamline your process from beginning to end all within one platform.

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