Transparent Data Room Pricing

Unlimited data storage for a fixed price.

Set duration:

1 Month
3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
Our entry-level data room for small transactions.
€730 £645 €620 £548 €511 £451 €438 £387 /Month
€730 £645
Billed monthly Billed quarterly Billed semi-annually Billed annually
Get access to all major data room features. Best fit for a mid-size deal.
€885 £780 €752 £663 €619 £546 €531 £468 /Month
€885 £780
Billed monthly Billed quarterly Billed semi-annually Billed annually
Experience our highest service level and most advanced features.
€1460 £1295 €1241 £1100 €1022 £906 €876 £776 /Month
€1460 £1295
Billed monthly Billed quarterly Billed semi-annually Billed annually
No limits in terms of user access, features, service level and compliance.
Price on request

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Prepare your deal with Workspaces

Divide the work among your deal team, assign tasks or folders and check the progression of your projects with Workspaces. Export all your data in one click from Workspaces to a secure data room to start the due diligence.

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Seal your deal with an Archive

USB drives and cloud archives
Archive on secure USB drive with Comfort Letter (max 15 GB)
Per USB drive
Cloud archive add-on (available up to 1 year after the archive request)
Per recipient

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Your questions. Answered.

How do I get started?

Getting started is a breeze! First, choose a plan and request a quote. You can sign the quote yourself or forward it to your client. After signing is completed, the data room will become immediately available. Our Customer Success team will then reach out to schedule a tailored onboarding session, paving the way for a successful deal. 

Need help with deciding which plan is best for your project? Contact our sales team.

Is it difficult to use your data room?

No. Our data room is known for its easy-to-use and intuitive interface.  

Still need help? No problem, the Customer Success team is available around the clock, every day of the week, to help you through phone and email if you need assistance.

How much data storage do I have?

All our Data Room plans come with unlimited data storage, so nothing stands in your way. The only thing we expect is fair use based on our Fair Use Policy.

What is an admin user?

An admin user is a user who requires access to the data room on behalf of the sell-side. They are responsible for managing the data room, its content and can participate in Q&A.

Users on the buy-side are defined as guest users. Guest users are included without limits in every plan.

Can I upgrade my plan when I need more admin users or features?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any point during your subscription. You’ll be charged a prorated fee.

Are Virtual Vaults data rooms safe?

Yes. We have opened thousands of data rooms for many different clients, all with one common interest: to share the most sensitive documents in a secure and controlled manner. 

Learn more about our security.

Do you have a plan that includes deal preparation?

For deal preparation we offer you Workspaces, the easiest way to organise all documentation for your upcoming due diligence. As soon as your preparation is complete, you can quickly and easily open a secure data room by exporting all your data, ready to start the due diligence process.

Make sure to check out our Workspaces Free plan, which is currently available for free exclusively to deal advisors in order to optimise their deal preparation workflow.

Do you offer a redaction tool?

Yes, redaction is available in our deal preparation platform, Workspaces. Redact documents directly within the Workspace to ensure sensitive information isn't shared with unauthorized parties. After completing the redaction process, you can securely export the documents to the data room.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer flexible payment options. We accept all major credit cards. You can also choose to pay via direct debit or we can issue an invoice that you can pay via bank transfer. For Dutch customers, there is the option to pay via iDeal.