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Organise your deal

With Workspaces, you can manage your team and import your questionnaire to design the deal.

My Virtual Vaults

Virtual data room management reinvented. Easily open and manage your own and your clients’ data rooms.

Controlled sharing

You decide which users can view or download documents in your data room.

Q&A split screen

No more switching between questions and documents during Q&A in your data room.

Buyer engagement

In your data room assess the behaviour of buyers on document activity and logins.

Collaborate on the deal

In Workspaces, you can assign tasks, chat on topics and keep on track with the process. All-in-one place. 


Every file you generate in the data room gets a watermark. This allows for full control and document security.

Redact sensitive data

Speed up your redaction process with Workspaces. All search results will be automatically selected for redaction.


You will be informed of events in the data room through smart notifications.

Q&A Excel import

Collect questions and answers on your device whenever you want and import them all at once into your data room.

Submitted questions

Glance over Q&A activity based on the number of submitted questions by buyers.


Sellers keep maximum control of their data rooms valuable data.

Archive on USB

Order your archive as an official closing medium on an encrypted USB drive.

Export to the Data Room

Export your data from Workspaces to our secure data room and start your due diligence process.

Mass upload

Simply drag and drop multiple documents or a folder into your data room.

Question limits

Set a limit on questions that buyers can submit and get a hold on the question stream.


Look at the heat in your data room based on the buyer actions in the content and Q&A.

Cloud archives

Securely store the data from the data room online in a cloud archive.

Mass rename

Create or keep order in your data rooms. Easily rename folders and documents simultaneously.

Other documents

Upload documents without creating an index number in your data room.


Be up-to-date with activity, content, user and Q&A reports in your data room.

EU Privacy Standards

We comply with the highest European privacy and security standards.

Comfort letter

We describe the contents on your USB archives and how to validate them.

Roles & permissions

Create roles, set permissions and give controlled access up to document level in your data room.

Office 365 viewer for Excel

Buyers can view and edit Excel files natively online, allowing you to keep control of your data room's valuable data.

Start-up support

Our all-in-one platform is easy to use. We are happy to help you get started with your deal preparation or open a data room. Always prepare for the very best start.

Online spreadsheets without limitations

A perfectly integrated Excel experience in your data room. Say goodbye to downloads and complex time-bombing solutions.

Mass download

Download a folder or the entire data room directly as a ZIP file.


Make your guests feel comfortable in your data room with your logo and corporate colours greeting them.

Quick reference upload

Directly upload a new document as an answer reference while remaining in your Q&A dialog.

Buy side process

Observe the progress of accessed documents by the buy side.

Edit Excels in a virtual personal copy

Let the finance experts work their magic in a virtual personal copy of your Excel files. Calculations can be easily made online without changing the original file.

Full audit trail

Your backup in case of disputes or lack of clarity. The holy grail of every data room.


Tell guests about the conditions of your data room. Clear and simple.

Clean & non-clean team

Share sensitive information with only a preferred selection of a buyer group.

Data Collection

Get started with your deal preparation by building your data collection.

Categories and tags

Smartly arrange and organise Q&A by creating categories and adding tags.

Safe online

Keep your project safe and secure by saving the entire lifecycle of your deal online in the Virtual Vaults platform.

Personal invitation

Add a welcome text and personal greeting for the users you wish to invite. Get them started quickly.

User labels

Easily categorise users from different buyer groups and analyse their behaviour.

Interactive graphs

Drill down, filter and compare various variables. Focus on elements you find important.

Answer approval process

Create your own customised Q&A procedure by requesting approval from co-workers before sharing responses.

ISO / IEC 27001:2013

We’re certified. We use a strict information security management system (ISMS): our people and our systems manage sensitive business information safely and securely, conform ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. 

Multi-factor authentication

We have multi-factor authentication as your standard extra protection to protect you, your users, and your data.

Q&A chat

Centralise all communication in your secure data room. Easily chat privately among your team and agree on responses before disclosing any questions or answers within your data room.