Jochem Theunissen, CFO

  • The Netherlands
  • Partner

Prior to becoming CFO at Conclusion, Jochem Theunissen worked for Emesa, Cyrte Investments, ABN AMRO and Lehman Brothers. During his career Jochem has worked with various data room providers on a variety of transactions, that's why he understands like no other the importance of a secure and user-friendly VDR.

"Virtual Vaults has managed to translate something very complex into a simple and user-friendly application."
At Conclusion, the user-friendliness of any application is highly valued. Therefore, it is crucial that documents are presented in a clear and orderly manner during a transaction. “VDR's are generally used for complex processes. However, the setup and configuration of the environment, how you can access, download and export documents makes Virtual Vaults very accessible and easy,” says Jochem.

“Virtual Vaults' security performance is unrivalled.”
Conclusion works exclusively with data room providers that meet the highest security requirements and can guarantee confidentiality. According to Jochem that is what makes Virtual Vaults unique,“When it comes to safety and security, Virtual Vaults is unrivalled. Short lines of communication make it easy for us to engage as business partners.” 

Conclusion - Jochem Theunissen
"I think it's fair to say that Virtual Vaults is the next generation of Virtual Data Rooms."
Conclusion - Jochem Theunissen - CFO

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