Office 365 viewer for Excel

The perfect balance between control and convenience. Buyers can view and edit Excel files natively online, allowing you to keep control of your Vault's valuable data. A seamless Excel experience in your Vault.

excel office 364 viewer for excel

Control + Convenience =
Deal Efficiency

The Office 365 viewer for Excel enables buyers to easily view and privately edit Excel files online. All work is carried out in the cloud: no files or data are downloaded. No need to worry about leaving trace data on users’ machines. Buyers work more conveniently, and you keep maximum control of your data. Improved deal efficiency for all parties.

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Online spreadsheets without limitations

A perfectly integrated Excel experience in your Vault. Say goodbye to downloads and complex time-bombing solutions.

Edit Excels in a virtual personal copy

Let the finance experts work their magic in a virtual personal copy of your Excel files. Calculations can be easily made online without changing the original file.

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Higher Deal Efficiency

Analyze insights


Sellers keep maximum control of their Vault's valuable data.

Understand insights


Buyers accelerate their due diligence process.

Control insights


Your data remains in your secure Vault.

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A Microsoft solution designed for Virtual Vaults

In close collaboration with Microsoft, we've integrated their Office 365 solution into our platform.

Your benefits.

  • Keep maximum control of your valuable data

  • Let buyers easily view and privately edit Excel files online in your Vault

  • No need to download Excel files or data

  • All parties experience improved deal efficiency

  • Keep track of buyer engagement on Excel files via Insights