Make & secure your deal
Data Room

Data Room

Run due diligence, share data, explore insights and manage Q&A.

First and foremost, the way your deal is designed is crucial for its outcome. Simply because controlling information provides strategic advantages; it makes all the difference.

Share information with the right people, with the right permissions. Chat, discuss, answer. Archive your deal, safe and simple. That is why you will use the Vault, our secure data room.

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Data Room:

Successful dealmaking made easy
24 7 365 Customer Success

24/7/365 Customer Success

A customer success advisor like no other. There for you day or night. They don’t wait for you to call; they call you to make sure your deal is on the road to success.

Virtual Vaults Secure Your Deal

Secure your deal

An in-depth look into your completed deal. Remember every comment, every document, every detail all on a secured USB. Delivered to your door within 24 hours and add an optional cloud archive.

Virtual Vaults Safety First

Safety first

If you think that security is important, then think again. It is the ultimate precondition for a successful deal. And thus, for your peace of mind.

Virtual Vaults All Your Questions, Answered

All questions answered

The complex Q&A-process made straightforward with the user-friendly question and answer module. Better insights, clearer conversation. 


Virtual Vaults Gauge Interest

Gauge interest

Analysing data has never been more enjoyable: interactive graphs show you at a glance what is happening in your data room, giving you a better understanding of the buyer's intentions.

Virtual Vaults You Make The Rules

The perfect balance

Buyers can view and edit Excel files natively online; they make forecasts and analyses with up-to-date figures, you keep your data in safe protection. A seamless Excel experience.

Virtual Data Room. Reinvented.

My Virtual Vaults. Prepare, make and secure your deal. Easily manage your entire deal lifecycle. Choose to do it yourself. 

Do more in minutes. Simply export your completed data collection from Workspaces into your data room for a seamless start of the due diligence.

Always remain in control. Create roles, set permissions and give controlled access up to document level.

Here for you, day or night. Our data rooms are easy to use. However, we’re happy to help you organise and prepare for the best start 24/7.

A simple pricing model with unlimited data at a flat rate makes it easy to choose. All you ever wanted regarding mass uploads, advanced permissions settings, an efficient Q&A tool, and interactive insights. Share and store your data, without facing unwelcome surprises.

Personalised Onboarding

The very best start.

24/7 Support

Help and support from experts. Day or night.


Help Centre. Teach yourself.


Secure your deal.

Storing valuable data is vitally important.

Your archive is the holy grail of every deal; it is your witness to the past. Your archive contains all the evidence, facts and figures, Q&A and explanation for decisions that are made.

We took the liberty to make securing and archiving extremely easy for you. Without any effort, you have a full audit trail, a comfort letter, a folder, or the entire data room at your disposal on USB and the cloud.

The start and finish of a successful working day. Brought to you by Virtual Vaults

“Everyone is able to work with Virtual Vaults, it is that easy.”
Nick van Hussen - i4hi
Nick van Hussen,
Investor and entrepreneur
“Due diligence goes a lot faster with Virtual Vaults.”
Kim Berger BrightOrange
Kim Berger,
“Virtual Vaults is very patient and proactive in their advice.”
Tim van der Meer - Marktlink
Tim van der Meer - Marktlink,
Managing Director
“I think it's fair to say that Virtual Vaults is the next generation of Virtual Data Rooms.”
Conclusion Jochem Theunissen
Conclusion - Jochem Theunissen,
“The help desk is always easily accessible and helpful. I would recommend Virtual Vaults for any party looking for a professional data room.”
JLL - help desk
Martijn Derks,
Senior director Capital Markets
“We pay for the number of users in the Vault, therefore we know exactly where we stand.”
BNP Paribas Real Estate - pricing
Floris Keunen,
Consultant Capital Markets
"The system is very user-friendly. Because of its simplicity, anyone can get started right away. And do you have any questions? Then the support department is always ready to answer any questions. They proactively think along with you."
Bram Verstappen - ABAB
Gert-Jan van den Berg,
Senior Corporate Finance Advisor

We make sure that you feel secure. And that your data is secure.

The way we think about and act on security is one thing, the way you experience it, is another. We want you to feel it, to know it and to trust it. So, we take the worst security issues as a starting point to develop and constantly update our safety protocols. 

Follow the GDPR rules, we understand everyone has the right to protect their data which is why we always remain GDPR compliant.

Prevent an account takeover, the no. 1 security problem, with multi-factor authentication as our standard.

Meet all requirements for information security: Virtual Vaults is ISO 27001:2013 compliant.

Good to know: you can count on our Chubb Cyber Risk insurance.


Your precious data is safe in your Workspace and data room. Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vault's all-in-one platform confidentially in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.

Designed with you in mind.

Seamlessly simple, you stay in control of due diligence.

M&A - Virtual Vaults

M&A due diligence

Virtual Vaults puts you in the driver’s seat to easily organise hundreds of questions during your due diligence and allows you to monitor progress and gauge interest. Everything is in one central place.

Real Estate - Virtual Vaults

Real Estate

Collect and analyse essential buying and selling information faster and more organised than ever. In one place: in your own secure data room. Be ready with Virtual Vaults: safe, fast and simple.

Legal - Virtual Vaults

Legal due diligence

Spend less time on admin tasks and more time on high-value tasks. Work more efficiently by reducing your channels of communication with one highly efficient Q&A feature, and a customer support team available 24/7.