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  • Organise your whole deal on the Virtual Vaults platform.

  • Collect data safely and quickly with an interactive questionnaire.

  • Smooth collaboration; divide tasks, ask and answer questions in the chat and keep an overview of the process.

  • Anonymise your data; with the redaction tool sensitive information remains confidential.

  • Keep the momentum going; export all data at once from Workspaces to our secure data room.

Organise. Collaborate. Redact. Export.

Export to the data room

Get organised ahead of your deal. Manage your team and import your questionnaire to design the deal.

Collaborate smoothly on your deal. Assign tasks, set statuses, chat on topics and keep on track of the progress. All-in-one place.

Speed up your redaction process. Stay in control and redact sensitive data, all search results will be automatically selected for redaction.

Remain within the Virtual Vaults platform. Export all your data in one click from Workspaces to our secure data room and start your due diligence process promptly.

"This is the reason why I, as a Corporate Finance Advisor, prefer Virtual Vaults as my data room supplier, they think along with their users. They innovate their product line to let us work more efficiently."
Deloitte - Workspaces
Ugur Yuksel,
M&A Consultant
"We handle a lot of sensitive information, and it has always been a concern for me that we spend most of our time in discussions via email, sharing files back and forth. Now working in Workspaces, a secure environment where no emailing or downloading to a local device is required, I feel way more confident in our security. We even chat in Workspaces, alongside folders or individual documents, meaning nothing goes via an insecure email platform anymore."
Marktlink - Workspaces
Tim van der Meer,
Managing Director
“Workspaces works for us as a to-do list to which we can add tasks; I think that’s very useful.”
Active Capital Company - workspaces
Henkbert Kruizenga,
"I can now manage our entire deal lifecycle efficiently within Virtual Vaults. I use Workspaces to manage multiple portfolios and collect all data and redact files. Our workload is divided and I can easily keep track of our progress. With one click, I can export everything into the Virtual Vaults data room and get started with our due diligence process. Once the deal is final, I can then archive the deal securely. All in the Virtual Vaults platform."
Active Capital Company - Henkbert - Workspaces
Henkbert Kruizenga,
“Virtual Vaults helps our customers in their own language. In the evening, during the day and at the weekend.”
BDO Belgium - help desk
Alexi Vangerven,
Partner Corporate Finance

Your Workspaces questions. Answered

What is Workspaces?

Our new Workspaces plan offers you the flexibility to prepare your deal within one easy-to-use platform. Create your organisation and invite your colleagues for efficient collaboration. Redact sensitive information directly within Workspaces to guarantee sensitive information is not shared with unauthorised parties. Save time and take control by getting started with our deal preparation tool, Workspaces. As soon as your deal preparation is complete, you can quickly and easily open a secure data room by exporting all your data, ready to start the due diligence process.

Who are the Workspaces plans for?

Our Workspaces Free plan is currently available exclusively for deal advisors to optimise their deal preparation.

However, our Workspaces Plus plan is available to anyone looking to prepare their deal with complete control. Start your Workspaces Plus plan to pave the way for successful dealmaking.

What is Virtual Vaults Workspaces?

Workspaces is our smart, fast, cost saving and easy does it answer to deal preparation. You take control and stay in control of the deal from beginning to end. Workspaces is an all-in-one secure platform for dealmakers who, among other things, yearn for clear overview, smooth collaboration, and multiple redact and review options.

What is the difference between the Workspaces plans and the Data Room Unlimited plan?

Our Workspaces plans are designed for dealmakers who are looking to manage and prepare multiple deals simultaneously and efficiently using Workspaces. Whereas our Data Room Unlimited plan is perfect if you are ready to get started with your due diligence process and need a secure data room with unlimited data.