Virtual Vaults - Private Equity

The all-in-one platform for the Private Equity lifecycle.

Fundraise, acquire, hold, grow, exit and repeat. Manage and keep on track of the entire Private Equity lifecycle all-in-one platform. Prepare faster, collaborate smarter and organise better. Streamline both your sell and buy-side due diligence.

"This is the reason why I, as a Corporate Finance Advisor, prefer Virtual Vaults as my data room supplier, they think along with their users. They innovate their product line to let us work more efficiently."
Deloitte - Workspaces
Ugur Yuksel,
M&A Consultant
“Every time I call Virtual Vaults they pick up straight away.”
I4hi - CS speed
Nick van Hussen,
Investor and entrepreneur
“Safe, secure and simple, just like us”
BrightOrange - safe and secure
Kim Berger,
Case BrightOrange
“Virtual Vaults has managed to translate something very complex into a simple and user-friendly application.”
Conclusion - user-friendly
Jochem Theunissen,
“We like the way it is branded as a Marktlink environment.”
Marktlink - branding
Tim van der Meer,
Managing Director

Manage the sell and buy lifecycle from A to Z

Convenience meets security.

VV Private Equity One Click Start

Prepare for Private Equity

Structured. Easily accessible. Well secured.

Save hours of work by uploading your template, information request list (IRL) in advance to Workspaces. Store readied documents and organise your files. From fundraising to holding your portfolio companies to exit. Remain in control, you are always exit ready.  

Speed up your acquisition process and follow your blueprint for a seamless due diligence process. Share and upload your IRL. Get ahead and share your request in advance and ask your target to prepare for your deal in Workspaces. 

Be prepared for the exit period with built in automated redaction. Streamline your workflow with everything in one place. Collaborate among teams via our secure chat.  

All-in-one platform, take control throughout the whole Private Equity lifecycle.

VV Private Equity Informed

Make your Private Equity deal

Accomplish. Fundraising, sell and buy side due diligence.

Move effortlessly from Workspaces to your data room with one click. With all communication centralised and accessible in a private internal chat, and a secure Q&A between sell-side and buy-side, there is no need to leave the data room.  

Easily communicate with investors for your fundraising through the secure Q&A. Quickly and easily upload pitchbooks, share term sheets and other additional documents. Track engagement to gain insights into investor interest to always be ahead. 

Be invited into the prepared data room as a buy-side advisor just the way you like it. Due diligence done your way. 

Exit your investment, make and secure your deal.  

Sell-side and buy-side start up faster, respond faster to Q&A and rely on data driven decisions based on user activity, all-in-one platform.

VV Private Equity Be Ready

Secure your Private Equity deal

Completed. Start the cycle again.

Funds secure? Acquisition acquired? Portfolio sold? Time to celebrate and request your final evidence of the transaction. An in-depth look into your completed deal. Remember every question, every document, every detail all on one secure USB. 

Both the sell and buy-side can receive a secure encrypted USB drive with all the details of the deal, including a Comfort Letter. We deliver to your door within 24 hours. Need it earlier? Then select to download an additional password protected cloud archive available as soon as your data room is closed. Ready to start a new project? Open a Workspace.

Are you next?

Join +100.000 Virtual Vaults users

Prepare, Make,


Your deal all in one place.

Always in the know. Effortlessly keep track of your data collection progress. 

Click, click, and off you go.  Smoothly get started with your data room and include your corporate design. 

Do much in seconds. Easily upload, download, reorder or rename your documents.   

Chat, discuss, answer.  User-friendly Q&A ensures more control, better insights and clear communication.  

Never miss a trick. Be 24/7 on the ball in your data room.   

24/7 personal support. Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. 

Deal done and dusted. Your deal, right down to the last detail, backed up on USB and in the Cloud.

Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vaults's all-in-one platform confident in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.