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Buy or sell with Virtual Vaults to manage and keep on track of the whole M&A lifecycle in one platform. With Virtual Vaults, you prepare and collaborate faster and smarter to never miss out on the deal. Streamline your due diligence and make those deals.

“Workspaces works for us as a to-do list to which we can add tasks; I think that’s very useful.”
Active Capital Company - Henkbert Kruizenga
Henkbert Kruizenga,
Case Active Capital Company
“I think it's fair to say that Virtual Vaults is the next generation of Virtual Data Rooms.”
Conclusion - Jochem Theunissen
Conclusion - Jochem Theunissen,
“We were surprised by how else it can be done”
Van Oers - VV next generation
Jerry van Leent,
Case Van Oers
“We pay for the number of users in the Vault, therefore we know exactly where we stand.”
BNP Paribas Real Estate - pricing
Floris Keunen,
Consultant Capital Markets
Case BNP Paribas Real Estate
“Virtual Vaults helps our customers in their own language. In the evening, during the day and at the weekend.”
BDO Belgium - CS own language/24/7
Alexi Vangerven,
Partner Corporate Finance
Case BDO

Go above and beyond expectations for your clients.

Always be prepared. Always be M&A ready.

Data Room 1@2X

Prepare your M&A deal

Fully efficient deal preparation.

The most important stage of any M&A deal. Preparation. Start your project in Workspaces for a structured and seamless approach to deal preparation. Always know the status of your project, and collaborate with your team, advisors or stakeholders all within one user-friendly M&A platform.

Start your data collection and organise your information request list or questionnaire templates in your library. Divide workload between your deal team. Redact files simultaneously. Never leave the platform with a built-in chat feature. Keep on track of your project and export to the data room in one click to never miss out on the deal.

VV M And A Qanda

Make your M&A deal

Always be due diligence ready.

Your moment to make the deal happen. Make your first impression count with a smooth and organised data room. Invite buy-side advisors with a personalised invitation. Then remain in control throughout the whole M&A transaction by staying on top of your Q&A process with all communication centralised and accessible in a private internal chat, and a secure Q&A between sell and buy-side. Everything you need all-in-one place. 

Start your M&A due diligence when needed. Open your data room in moments to get the deal done. Always be in the know with what is happening with your M&A transaction with clear insights and reports.

VV M And A Secure

Secure your M&A deal

An archive of your deal.

M&A deal secure? Time to celebrate and request your final evidence of the transaction. An in-depth look into the full audit trail of your disclosed data, including all relevant reports. Remember every question, every document, every detail all on one secure USB.

Both the sell and buy-side can receive a secure encrypted USB drive with all the details of the deal, including a Comfort Letter. Delivered to your door within 24 hours. Need it earlier? Then select to download an additional password protected cloud archive available immediately.

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Prepare, make, Secure.

Your deal all in one place.

Always in the know. Effortlessly keep track of your data collection progress. 

Click, click, and off you go.  Smoothly get started with your data room and include your corporate design. 

Do much in seconds. Easily upload, download, reorder or rename your documents.   

Chat, discuss, answer.  User-friendly Q&A ensures more control, better insights and clear communication.  

Never miss a trick. Be 24/7 on the ball in your data room.   

24/7 personal support. Dealmaking is people’s business. So, our support is people’s business as well. 

Deal done and dusted. Your deal, right down to the last detail, backed up on USB and in the Cloud.

Work on your deal from beginning to end in Virtual Vaults's all-in-one platform confident in the knowledge you and your data is safe and secure. We have numerous features designed for your protection.