We sat down with Managing Director

Tim van der Meer – Marktlink

When Tim started in the M&A industry, 17 years ago, most of the due diligence was done on printed papers by auditors and the files were only available on the auditors' or company's premises. Today, everything is done online, through the use of a Virtual Data Room. According to Tim the user-friendliness of a data room and the customer support during M&A transactions are essential for Marktlink.

“Virtual Vaults is very patient and proactive in their advice.”

“We like the way it is branded as a Marktlink environment.”

Tim states that Marktlink has been working together with Virtual Vaults for about 6 years. This means that Marktlink makes use of Virtual Vaults for all their processes of exchanging information with its clients and potential buyers or sellers. “Potential buyers and sellers tell us that Virtual Vaults is very user-friendly, they like to work in the environment.”

“My colleagues tell me they can always call Virtual Vaults for data room support, their response is always very proactive.”

Tim elaborates on this by drawing the following scenario: “New colleagues who are working in the data room environment for the first time are supported by Virtual Vaults on a strategic and detailed level to maintain an efficient process.” According to Tim this is also the case with the commercial environment,“We are talking about the first experience of the potential buyer with the platform and how we create real enthusiasm, Virtual Vaults contributes to this.”

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Marktlink is the largest independent acquisition specialist in the Netherlands. Marktlink assists entrepeneurs with M&A, valuation of companies, financing and management buy in- and buy out in various industries.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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