We sat down with investor and entrepreneur

Nick van Hussen – i4hi

Nick has assisted multiple large mergers and acquisitions at ABN AMRO in Amsterdam and London. In 2005 he set up his own investment company, in which he actively collaborates as well. According to Nick a data room is, just like selling a company, very serious. Nick perceives the responsiveness and simplicity of a data room as most important during an M&A transaction.

“Everyone is able to work with Virtual Vaults, it is that easy.”

“Every time I call Virtual Vaults they pick up straight away.”

Nick addresses that he highly values the responsiveness of a data room provider during an M&A process, “You do not want to have systems down for ten hours while you wait for the helpdesk to respond, you want to continue working on your deal.”

According to Nick himself, he can be quite old-fashioned. For example, he prefers to pick up the phone rather than sending an email. That is one of the things he likes about Virtual Vaults. “Every time I called, there was a specialist who gave me immediate assurance that he or she can fix it,” says Nick.

“I do not have to think about it, that suits me just fine.”

Nick once set up an Internet company, thus knows like nobody else how an interface should look like and how it should not look like. Nick believes a data room should be first and foremost easy and clear. Nick says, “It is work and it is serious. You do not want to be distracted by 'too' fancy features."

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i4hi is an investment company that intensively supports businesses in defining and achieving financial and operational improvement objectives, typically through participation in the executive board or management team.


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