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Dedicated support 24/7

Specialists in your industry that go above and beyond. Day or night.

Share sensitive files easily

Whether you’re a starter or an expert, Virtual Vaults sets you up in seconds.

You make the rules Control access

You make the rules for your data with permissions, even up to document level.

One central place for Q&A

Control all deal communication efficiently with our Q&A module.

Secure closing archive 

The history of your deal, including comfort letter available on a secure USB.

Data Room:

Successful dealmaking made easy
24 7 365 Customer Success

24/7/365 Customer Success

A customer success advisor like no other. There for you day or night. They don’t wait for you to call; they call you to make sure your deal is on the road to success.

Virtual Vaults All Your Questions, Answered

All questions answered

The complex Q&A-process made straightforward with the user-friendly question and answer module. Better insights, clearer conversation. 


Virtual Vaults Safety First

Safety first

If you think that security is important, then think again. It is the ultimate precondition for a successful deal. And thus, for your peace of mind.

Virtual Vaults Secure Your Deal

Secure your deal

An in-depth look into your completed deal. Remember every comment, every document, every detail all on a secured USB. Delivered to your door within 24 hours and add an optional cloud archive.

Virtual Vaults You Make The Rules

The perfect balance

Buyers can view and edit Excel files natively online; they make forecasts and analyses with up-to-date figures, you keep your data in safe protection. A seamless Excel experience.

Virtual Vaults Gauge Interest

Gauge interest

Analysing data has never been more enjoyable: interactive graphs show you at a glance what is happening in your data room, giving you a better understanding of the buyer's intentions.

Make your deal

A simple pricing model with unlimited data at a flat rate makes it easy to choose. All you ever wanted regarding mass uploads, advanced permissions settings, efficient Q&A tool, and interactive insights to start, share and store your data. Without facing unwelcome surprises.

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We’re here for a tailored solution that fits your deal perfectly.

24/7 Support

Help and support from experts. Day or night.

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