A central place for Q&A

Advanced features translated into a user-friendly question and answer module. Better insights, no confusion. With Virtual Vaults you will communicate more efficiently.

Q&A Due Diligence

Great for Buyers and Sellers

Clear roles and permissions. Guest users work great with Virtual Vaults as well. This way you work better together while still maintaining full control. Click, Create, Communicate.

Q&A Split Screen

Q&A split screen

A clear overview of questions and documents in one screen, avoid switching.

Question limits and insight

Set a limit on questions that buyers can submit and get a hold on the question stream.

Question limits and insight

Proces goedkeuring antwoorden

Categories and tags

Smartly arrange and organize Q&A by creating categories and adding tags.

Stay in control, keep the overview.

Answer approval process

Create your own desired Q&A workflow by letting colleagues or advisors approve answers before being disclosed.

Clean team & non-clean team

Share sensitive information with only a preferred selection of the buyer group.

Import answers with Excel

Import multiple answers all at once, make it easy for the CEO.

Q&A notifications

Smart notifications will inform you about submitted questions and disclosed answers.

Additional answer

Allowing you to easily complement, correct and split disclosed answers.

Disclose to all

Save time and disclose answers to all guest users at once.

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No obligations, free of charge

Work more efficiently together.

Follow-up question

Enter into a dialogue by effectively asking follow-up questions to disclosed answers.

Import questions with Excel

Import 500 questions all at once with only one mouse click.

Setting priorities on questions

Settle urgent matters faster and more efficiently

Q&A tags

Add tags to questions and answers within your Q&A team to clearly organize your workflow.

Page reference

Buyers can easily add a dynamic reference to the specific pages to which the question refers to.

Customers who love Q&A

“The Q&A tool made it possible to answer users' questions in a traceable manner, so that no questions remained unanswered for an unnecessarily long time."

Jan Paul van Woensel, Legal Counsel & Compliance Officer at Mazars Nederland

“The data room makes the process faster and more reliable than sending by e-mails.”

Titus Schurink, CFO at HPE Growth

"Virtual Vaults has managed to translate the Q&A tool into a very easy and user-friendly application.”

Jochem Theunissen, CFO at Conclusion

“The consumer-facing interface is one-of-a-kind and really plug-and-play.”

Michel Veltman, General Counsil at NLE

Click, Create, Communicate.

All benefits for you.

  • All communication centrally bundled in the Vault, and thus also on your closing archive

  • Efficiently work in one screen, no need to switch between Q&A and documents

  • Be in full control concerning the communication stream

  • Create trust and be professional towards clients and buyers

  • Import large quantities of questions and answers all at once