Virtual Vaults: Accountancy data room

The Virtual Vaults Accountancy data room is the solution for accountants who want to share data with their clients safely and efficiently.


Improve the control process straight away:


Constantly stay in control. Be compliant with the Data Breach Notifications Bill. Increase the quality and efficiency.

Unique advantages for accountant and client:

Our platform has features that contribute to professional working methods for both the accountant and the client:

  • ISO 27001-2013 certified; the documents are safe with us
  • Compliant with the GDPR
  • Full audit trail; per document and per user
  • Clever indicator function that indicates that documents are ready
  • Permanent storage structure - according to own prepared by client list - strengthens the standardisation
  • Use of own logo enhances the client’s brand experience
  • Dedicated Dutch and English support services


New functionality is added to our platform every month. Safety and reliability always come first in that respect.

Data room security

The Dutch Data Protection Act and the code of conduct that dictates confidentiality ensure that unsafe media, such as e-mail, USB sticks and traditional cloud services, no longer suffice. With the Virtual Vaults platform, you can safely store and share data.


We work with an information security management system (ISMS). An ISMS is a systematic approach to managing sensitive company information that must remain secure at all times. Risk management processes involve people, processes and IT systems in securing this information, and we are ISO certified for the use of ISMS.


A copy of our ISO 27001:2013 certificate and the Statement of Applicability can be provided on request.

Security Development Lifecycle

We build our platform in line with the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle. This method guarantees that reliability and security are fundamental aspects of our products, from the very first design up to managing the production environment.

security development lifecycle

© Microsoft

Safe and secure

Microsoft Azure is known as the most reliable and most secure cloud platform available. With an uptime guarantee of 99.95% or higher, Virtual Vaults can boast incredibly high availability.

Besides that, Azure allows us to store your data in a specific region, for example only in the U.K. (Dublin).

Accredited by the Dutch central bank

The Dutch central bank (De Nederlandsche Bank) has indicated that all components of the Microsoft Azure platform comply with its demands as of 7 May 2013.

See the DNB press release (in Dutch).

Platform certificates

The Azure cloud platform has received the following certificates, among others:

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 & 27018:2014, SSAE16, ISEA 3402, HIPAA BAA, PCI DSS, UK G-Cloud, EU Model Clauses, Singapore MTCS Standard, FedRAMP, Australia IRAP.

Four eyes can see more than two

Deloitte periodically tests the security of our infrastructure and applications. They discuss the results with our security team, who immediately resolve any potential vulnerabilities.

Read more about Hacking as a Service.

Continuous testing

Our security team performs automatic and manual system tests on a daily basis in order to identify security risks on time and patch them where necessary.

Strong 256-bit AES encryption

We use powerful 256-bit AES encryption to protect all data on our platform, including all saved data and all internal data flows.

From platform to browser

We encrypt data flowing between your computer and Virtual Vaults with GeoTrust encryption.

Verify the secure connection

ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001:2013

Microsoft SDL

Microsoft SDL

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Hacking as a Service

Hacking as a Service

256-bit AES

256-bit AES

GeoTrust Encryption

GeoTrust Encryption

Functionality that contributes to efficiency and customer satisfaction


Quick start

Your data room is open and ready for use within 3 hours.

A good start..

We will introduce you to your data room with a personal kickoff.

Bulk upload

Upload your entire folder structure and its documents with one push of a button.

Mass download

Download the content of an entire Vault or folder to your local computer at once.

Bulk renaming

Rename multiple files and folders in one go.

Personal notifications

You decide which notifications to receive and when.

Drag and drop

Drag and drop files from your desktop into the data room.

Many filetypes

Our platform can handle all formats.

Specific permissions

Permissions can be specified for individual documents.

Draft invites

Prepare your invites and sent them immediately or later.

Personalised text

Make your first contact personal by changing the text in the invite email.

Simple registration

Our registration wizard helps your invitees effortlessly register for the data room.

Link documents

Link one or more documents to your question or answer.

Split screen

Open the linked document in the same screen, next to your question or answer.

Import answers

Collect answers in Excel and upload in one go.

Personal notifications

Only receive the notifications you are interested in.

Save as draft

Save a question or answer to return to it later.

Import questions

Collect questions in Excel and upload in one go.


You can receive your closing DVD or USB drive within 24 hours.

Orderly archiving

Each closing contains a hyperlinked index and the folder structure, so that you can easily use the documents offline.

Comfort letter

We add a comfort letter with every archive.

Roles & permissions

This report provides an overview of who is allowed to do what in the data room.


Keep an eye on the data room with reports on location changes, renaming, daily activities and uploads.


Manage Q&A with reports on: questions & answers, roles and categories.

My activity

Direct overview of documents you have (or have not) seen.

Complete log

We log all of everybody’s actions – including those of Virtual Vaults employees.

ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Our system and our internal processes are extremely secure.

Data encryption

Every file you upload is automatically encrypted (256-bit AES).

2-factor authentication

When logging in you can use an SMS code in addition to your password for added security.

EU data storage

You choose where your data is stored; you can store it all in the Netherlands, for example.

SSL / TLS connection

All platform communication occurs on a continuously secured connection.

High-end data centres

We use the secure Microsoft Azure cloud platform.


Your dedicated project manager is always available to help you.

Available 24 / 7

We are always available by phone and e-mail.

Live chat

Quick and direct contact through our live chat.

Training sessions

Our data room specialists will gladly provide training sessions on location.


Simplicity is one of our core values and our system was developed accordingly.

No plug-ins required

You only need an internet connection to use your data room.

All browsers

Our virtual data room is compatible with all popular browsers.


Virtual Vaults is also compatible with Apple devices.

Mobile devices

Working on an iPad or other tablet? Our interface adapts to your device.


Our wizards will help you work in a user-friendly, step-by-step and error-free manner.


Our viewer supports the following file formats, among others: .pdf; .docx; .xls; .xlsx; .ppt; .pptx .msg; .pps; .ppts; .txt; .bpm; .gif; .tif; .tiff; .png; .jpg; .jpeg; .doc;.





Roles and permissions

Roles and permissions
















A few of our clients and users

Virtual Vaults is a leading Dutch company that enables a wide range of organisations to share data safely and professionally. We currently hold a strong market position in the Benelux with respect to fusions, takeovers and major real estate transactions.

Work professionally, safely and efficiently.

Want to get started with the data room for accountants?

Bo Heemskerk

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